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Digital Painting

Digital Painting

An 8-week course on the basics of painting digitally for building strong art foundations
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Conquer the digital art medium

Conquer the digital art medium
Designed for both beginners and experienced artists, this course will focus on the fundamentals of painting. The first lessons will introduce you to the medium, while later lessons will explore more advanced concepts such as edge control, value, and composition. We will practice painting from both observation and imagination!
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Jul 17, 2024 - Oct 07, 2024
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Oct 04, 2024

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8 weeks


Once a week


Individual recordings

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Due each week. Expect to spend 8-10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and time on assignments.
Fundamentals of Design or good drawing foundation, (Perspective)
Photoshop (or equivalent), drawing tablet (Wacom preferred)

The more you know, the better.

Week one begins with a quick introduction to the medium itself along with the various tools at our disposal. We’ll explore the anatomy of light and shadow, and study the simple beauty of primitive forms.
In week two, we’ll dive into surface materials, color, and texture. We’ll explore the fascinating ways in which different materials reflect light, and how to capture that broad range of effects in our work.
In week three, we’ll paint directly from observation. To do that effectively, we’ll need to be able to simplify the great complexity of the world.
During week four, we will focus on seeing and designing shapes which are fundamental to great composition. We will explore the concept of Notan and the surprising advantages of working with self-imposed limitations.
Week five is all about standing on the shoulders of giants. We will study master artists from both the past and present, so that we can absorb some of their hard-won knowledge and continue to pass the torch forward.
This week we will focus on optimizing our practice of painting by focusing on specific skills in isolation, such as edge control, lighting and color.
In week seven, we will explore the importance of drawing fundamentals, how drawing fundamentals relate to painting, and how they both influence style in creative drawing.
In this final chapter, we’ll put what we’ve learned to practice, and talk about finishing paintings.


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Jul 17, 2024 - Oct 07, 2024
COURSE BEGINS on Oct 04, 2024
Digital Painting

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I think he’s a pretty amazing teacher. He is super knowledgeable and professional. I’m going to miss getting art critiques from him every week.


His way of teaching is just awesome and in future I would love to learn more from him. It is so simple to understand such big things in a simple way.


David is a great teacher! I really enjoyed learning digital painting with him. It was my first time also using color and his lectures and assignments made it really fun. His feedback was also always really on point and he is really kind in the Q&As.


David is truly passionate about painting and it shows through his stellar instruction. He quickly identifies areas that need improvement and always points these areas out with encouraging, constructive, analytical feedback that really sinks in. He is a great instructor and great guy!


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