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Concept Art and Illustration tracks

In order to establish and maintain a career in Entertainment Design, an artist first needs to have a solid understanding of the field’s core principles, tools & techniques – that’s the idea behind the creation of our tracks.
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29 courses

Foundation & Design Track

Whatever your likely career path - be it Character Design, Environment Design, Visual Effects, or another - it’s essential to gain a strong & balanced understanding of good art design & techniques. This is where our Foundation & Design Track comes in.
31 courses

2D Character Design Track

Our Character Design Track is designed to carefully build on those core foundational drawing skills to give students head-to-toe training in the art of human & creature character design for the Entertainment Industries.
24 courses

2D Environment Design Track

Our Environment Design Track is designed for those wanting to pursue a career in the film/animation or games industry. Featuring classes that cover all aspects of design including matte painting, sketching, narrative illustration, & composition.
25 courses

Visual Storytelling & IP Development Track

Designed to equip artists with the necessary tools to become visual communicators & ultimately develop their own storytelling language. Whether they're focused on Concept Art, Comics, Filmmaking, Storyboarding, or Character/Environment Design.

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