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The Art Of Color And Light

The Art Of Color And Light

An 8-week course developing an eye for color and studying fundamental color theory knowledge
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Use color and light to convey mood & story

Use color and light to convey mood & story
The Art of Color and Light is an exploration in the properties of color and light under a variety of conditions. This is an essential stage in concept art that develops mood and communicates the narrative of the story by means of visual cues. Students should have a good understanding of perspective and sketching skills before joining the course. (Course outline for each instructor may be different; for specific outline information, please select the instructor and click on “Request Syllabus” below.)
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Apr 24, 2024 - Jul 15, 2024
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Jul 10, 2024

Course Format


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8 weeks


Once a week


Individual recordings

Lecture Type

Due each week. Expect to spend 8-10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and time on assignments.
Good drawing foundations, Perspective and Digital Painting course
Photoshop (or equivalent), Wacom tablet or equivalent

The more you know, the better.

Intro- Overview of the course. Who am I? My journey/ development as an artist (career). What are your goals for yourselves from the class. What are my goals for you from this class | What is good design?  | Design vs.Composition  | Arranging our design elements to create good composition | Using design tools to create the illusion of 3d space in a 2d image | Using composition to lead the eye. | Importance of different design tools (values, shapes, linework,color) | Focal point- creating a strong first read (2nd read, 3rd read) | The simple idea
Using values to render a 3 dimensional form on a 2 dimensional plain | Importance of edges | Basic properties of light | How to organize your values | Applying values to portraits and landscapes
Color and values | Color and hue | Color and light | Color temperature | How color acts in light vs. shadow | Local color and how it is affected by light
Tint, tone and shade | Importance of greys | Color harmony
Different types of color keys | What is the purpose of a color key | Importance of using the color key process to establish the “big idea” | Limited palettes | Practical approach to painting color keys
Planning/Designing our own compositions | Staging an idea  | Atmospheric perspective | Depth cues | Easy Photoshop Perspective tools | Using difference and variety to your advantage
Rendering different surface qualities | Prioritizing and implementing the principles of painting | Being an effective visual communicator | Shapes, values, and edges
Master studies | Art directing yourself

Bringing out the best in talent

Visual Development Artist
Course Start: Jul 10, 2024
Matt Sanz is a Visual Development Artist for Games and Animation! He’s worked primarily in games as a Lead Concept artist and Art Director for studios such as IGG, Lemon Seed, Amazon Games, Ubisoft and many more!

He has also been involved in Art consultancy and has taught lectures on digital art for companies, colleges and universities! He works primarily with Photoshop, but also knows the foundations for Procreate and some 3D software.

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Concept Art
Concept Art
Concept Art


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Apr 24, 2024 - Jul 15, 2024
COURSE BEGINS on Jul 10, 2024
The Art Of Color And Light


AMAZING instructor. Amazing class. After two years at some art college, he taught me more than I ever would have in the other college. You guys honestly have a keeper here. Best instructor for color and light I’ve had. He knows his stuff!


Chris Brock has been an outstanding teacher, providing great feedback and always answering emails or forum threads with helpful information.


It really opened my eyes to how cool and warm light interact. The final week had excellent advice on how to continue studying. Overall, this was an excellent class that was worth every penny.


The course forced me to do studies, which helped in every way! I also learned a lot about color theory!


A deeper understanding for the physics of light and colour and increased perception of nuances of colour and image design


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