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Head Drawing and Construction

Head Drawing and Construction

An 8-week course deconstructing and constructing the human head; students will become familiar with the shapes and form and will learn to draw the head with knowledge of anatomy
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Master drawing the human head

Master drawing the human head
This course builds on the skills and information covered in the initial Analytical Figure Drawing course, as well as challenges students to push those skills through the introduction of additional subject matter of the human head. Students will be introduced to basic structures of the human head, underlying muscle groups and how they affect different forms of expression, structuring of different types of hair masses and rendering and at the end, creating a final well-constructed and fully rendered face.
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Apr 24, 2024 - Jul 15, 2024
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Jul 12, 2024

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8 weeks


Once a week


Individual recordings

Lecture Type

Due each week. Expect to spend 8-10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and time on assignments.
Analytical Figure Drawing or a good command of form, perspective, and anatomy
Homework can be done in any medium pencil and paper/ or on tablet/Photoshop

The more you know, the better.

Explore different angles and shapes of the head. We will create orthographic views of the head, breaking down key elements and landmarks to help plot out the beginnings of your facial and head structure.
Demonstrations of how to break down the structure of the skull and portray it anatomically correct in multiple views. We will also go over interpreted lighting and volumes to help express depth, direction, and other important features carried on in the expressions of the face later.
We will cover basic muscle groups of the head including abstractions of muscle groups from various angles. Using interpretive lighting, we will help plot volume and shape in accordance with the angle and position of the head.
This week will focus on covering the shape design of each facial feature and structure of the face. This will be a non-cartoony approach.
Head shapes are different for each part of your age, and on top of that, gender. We will be going over baby heads, young child heads, all the way to old adult heads. There will be demonstrations on how to add subtle exaggerations and nuances based on younger or older, masculine or feminine structures.
This week will be focusing on expressions and the muscles that activate them. We will focus on anger, fear, disgust and sadness expressions.
This week will be focusing on expressions and the muscles that activate them. We will focus on happy, surprised, and joyful expressions, as well as hair.
Focus on how to finish a drawing. Take all previous week’s information and combine them together to render a final image. Discuss what it is to take a drawing to its final stage by analyzing the works of other artists and how they handle details. Finally see how values show form for the human head.

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Concept Artist and Instructor
LECTURES BY Christian Nacorda
Course Start: Jul 12, 2024
Christian Nacorda is a concept artist, sculptor, and instructor starting teaching in 2005 Art Institute Orange County, He currently teaches at Art Institute Inland Empire and Norco College. Previously held a position of a sculptor at Atomic Monkey working on various titles such as Simpsons, Family Guy, Uncharted, Halo, Bioshock, Chicken Little, and Meet the Robinsons.

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Concept Art


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Apr 24, 2024 - Jul 15, 2024
COURSE BEGINS on Jul 12, 2024
Head Drawing and Construction

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He is a very personable guy—his spirit makes learning this content fun. He is good at not only finding the students faults, but also remembering to point out the things the student has done well.


He has a great personality that shines through in the lectures. His lectures are always funny, interesting, and informative. I enjoyed watching all of the videos and participating in the live Q&As.


My instructor was incredible, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life—I want to take all of his classes! He has been such a fantastic help to my growth as an artist.


Great teacher and always made the class enjoyable.


Christian was a great instructor.


Really good at explaining difficult concepts and was really nice to everyone.


My understanding of the human face, and rendering skills have improved massively thanks to this course


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