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Children's Book Illustration Mentorship

Children's Book Illustration Mentorship

his mentorship is designed to give both illustrators and author/illustrators an in-depth understanding of how they can approach the children's book publishing industry.

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The Ins and Outs of Children's Book Illustration

The Ins and Outs of Children's Book Illustration

This mentorship is designed to give both illustrators and author/illustrators an in-depth understanding of how they can approach the children's book publishing industry. The course will begin with a discussion on the differences between developing an original story for publication and developing a children's book specific portfolio before moving on to weekly assignments that build to either goal. Lecture discussions will consist of a mix of industry best practices in addition to developing the student's craft and style.

Course Format


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8 Weeks


Once a Week


Individual Recordings

Lecture Type

Recorded Live Lectures
Due each week. Expect to spend 8-12 hrs/wk viewing lectures, Q&A, and time on assignments.
As the artistic aesthetic of children's illustration is more flexible than what is typically found in traditional concept art, there are no hard and fast technical limitations. However, students should be able to comfortably draw and paint in a style that is fitting for them or their project. Also, students interested in developing their own manuscript should have a working outline of the story ready to go, and students interested in illustration only should have in mind a pre-existing child-friendly story (like a fairy tale) to use for their illustrations.
Students can work digitally or traditionally as long as they are able to upload a digital file of their work to the class page, and have the necessary equipment to view and participate in the online classes.

The more you know, the better.

- Teacher/Student Introductions
- Children's Publishing Introduction
- Picture Book Dummy Overview
- Illustration Portfolio Overview
- How to look for/create: Humor, Tension, Sweetness, etc

- Overview of the thumbnail process
- Emphasis of story and character to pacing
- Composition and Character Staging Principles

- Exploration of the editing process
- Refine story pacing
- Develop illustration contrast between story beats
- Focus on character staging and stortelling (Illustrators)

- Artistic cleanup process
- Exploration of presentation-ready rough artwork
- Continuation of character and composition

- Introduction to color in children's illustration
- Exploration of style alternatives
- Definition of style guidelines for student projects

- Work-in-class session
- Continue exploring color and style choices
- Real-time strategies for problem-solving specific student illustration questions and issues

- Presentation best-practices
- How to find an agent
- Submission standards overview
- Workflow process for creating a dummy

- High-level overview of publishing
- Individual student path recommendations
- Agent submission process feedback

Bringing out the best in talent

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Apr 24, 2024 - Jul 15, 2024
Children's Book Illustration Mentorship


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